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Being the hands & feet

Our Mission

Midwest Missions was created to help people, help people. Many want to go on a missions trip, but aren't sure where to start. That’s where we are hoping to bridge the gap. Our goal is to create opportunities for them to serve others while using their gifts and talents that God gave them. Whether they are in the medical field, serving the people of Jamaica at The Care House or pulling up their muck boots to help flood victims in the Midwest USA, we want to help people find their passion!

We've also seen a huge need to help bring attention to the farmer suicide. We were seeing an increasing amount of farmer suicides and, all of us having ties to the ag community, wanted to find a way to help. By bringing more light to the situation many of our farmers face, we can fight against the stigma and help them see their true value to both God and those who love them. 

Support Midwest Missions today with your tax-deductible donation! Select a program specifically or choose where needed most. 

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