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Domestic - Disaster Relief/Short

Living in the Midwest, you never know what Mother Nature is going to hand you. We now have our own trailer so we are able to pull a team together at a moments notice to go to towns affected by disasters from weather, fire or any other need that we are able to assist with. In Spring 2019 we worked on flood cleanup in Iowa and plan to make it back to the area to help again. 

We also want to be able to serve those with other needs right in our backyard. We have had the privilege of working with a group on one of the SD reservations multiple times now. We've taken a busload of kids halfway across the state twice now for a Bible camp and also helped with their Christmas outreach event by providing the supper as well as some gifts for the kids. We were blessed to meet a family from Nicaragua last summer during one of the camps and were able to bring some things needed for their family as well. 

Foster care and orphan care is something very close to all of hearts. Many on our team have been involved with an organization called Royal Family Kids Camp which is a camp for kids in or formally in foster care. This summer we double the number we had involved in the organization and look forward to more ways of being involved in the future!

With domestic trips we are able to take people who might not have the time available to go on an overseas trip. For some traveling a great distance is not an option so this is a way they can be a part of Midwest Missions as well!


Jamaica & The Care House 

June of 2023 was a family affair with 5 from one family, 4 from another, plus an additional 3 people. We poured concrete at a children's home, replaced walls and floors on 2 houses, painted a school and more. It was a very productive trip! In both 2022 and 2023 we were able to do a fun day for the families of Deeside!

June of 2022 we took our largest group to-date with 19 people! We had a hard-working crew finish some plumbing projects and lots of major house repairs. 


January 2020! We've been excited to work with Pastor Vernon and The Care House. The Care House is a branch of The Rescue Church in Deeside, Jamaica (about 45 minute drive from Montego Bay), which provides a highly subsidized food program and operates once each month. We are working on multiple projects to work on while down there. 

In February 2019 we were able to assess some of the needs in the area of Montego Bay. Besides The Care House, we were also able to meet with staff from CCCD (Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf), another organization we hope to work with more in the future as we have a number of long-time connections with them!


Haiti, Medical & Guatemala

September 2023 will be our first trip to Guatemala! As of right now, 3 people from our team will be going with another nonprofit we have partnered with before, GoServ Global. We will be working at a school as well as with some of the elderly community. As this is an exploratory trip, we are 100% sure what to expect, but are excited for the new adventure!

In January 2019 a couple from our team were able to serve along side the Avera Medical team. When the team arrived, people had already been making their way to the clinic 24-48 hours ahead of time to be seen. Every age, from baby to elderly was there. Each person on the team had their bags filled to the max with medications and supplies. All of their supplies for the week had to be brought, including their food. There are multiple roles while there, for those not in the medical field. From minor medical procedures and lots of blood pressure checks, to tilling a garden and putting up retaining walls, there's plenty of work to do! Dr. "Katie" seems to always have a list of things to do! Many things go into the decision to go and the biggest factor is safety of our team. Unfortunately due to many factors, we are unable to travel to Haiti at this time. 


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